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Design Guide for Overhead Cranes

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A construction company that operates their business for the purposes of manufacturing, industrial and commercial projects, or seaport and assembly plant, will always require the need of overhead crane parts and overhead crane design to keep the business running. Lifting heavy cargoes, containers of heavy materials for shipping, processing, and for industrial work greatly depend on of this equipment. Cranes are very essential for this kind of business and searching for the best replacement accessories and parts is also essential.


Overhead cranes consist of several complex and different divisions. All these components that consists the equipment are all important because if one is missing or broken, it may cause serious damage to the condition and performance of the equipment. Equipment operators and company owners are responsible for its repair and maintenance. This equipment is absolutely durable; however, due to some environment factors and negligence, the equipment might be in its perfect condition.

If you can observe some serious symptoms of damage, you have to immediately overhaul the equipment because your equipment might suddenly stop from working properly and there will be more risks of damage in the future. Retrieving the pallet down without causing any further damage to the equipment might be a tricky job. It is advisable to regularly examine the condition of your equipment and purchase all necessary components of the crane in order to fix it right away.


Some common and vital components of this equipment that can be replaced are divided into four. First is the mechanical part which is composed on wire ropes, fasteners, brakes, sheaves, and bearings. Second are the structure components which make up with the connection pins, live masts, a frames, and boom sections. This is the electrical parts which are consists of the slip rings, relays, wireless monitoring systems, joystick controls, and cables. Lastly, the hydraulic which includes the fittings, motors, gear pumps, filters, and control valves.

There are several models and brands of cranes and spare components that are available in the market today. The most common cranes that are utilized in several industries are the monorails, gantry, jib, and the bridge. Each kind has its own function, very useful and efficient in different ways. The bridge type can carry three hundred tons of load and is made of steel girders. The gantry type is affordable since the exterior and interior part of the equipment can be removed. It can also carry three hundred fifty tons of load.


Another is the job type which is a smaller unit compared to the bridge and gantry types. It can carry five tons of load and with a length of twenty feet. Last is the monorail which is used to lift and carry large and heavy loads. It can be hydraulically, electrically, and manually powered.

Before you purchase a product, make sure that you have listed down all necessary components that need a replacement and then include their descriptions and part numbers. If you have not taken all these information will just delay the repairs and cost you a lot of money. You can also start your research on the internet and then you can buy the needed equipment components online.


Make sure that the supplier of overhead crane parts has a wide variety of brands and models, well-stocked warehouse, knowledgeable about their products, and reputable company.

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